Users are informed of the following Terms and conditions of use and privacy, which apply by simple use or access to any of the pages that make up the KARUM Portal (hereinafter, jointly and interchangeably, the “Portal”), we will understand that you accept them, and agree to be bound in their compliance.

In case you do not agree with the Terms and conditions of use and privacy, you must refrain from accessing or using the Portal.

The members of Karum Latin América, S. de R.L. from C.V. and / or its subsidiaries, controllers, related parties and affiliates (hereinafter, jointly and interchangeably “KARUM”), reserve the right to modify the content of the Portal at any time, without prior notice.

The user understood as the person who makes use or access through computer equipment and / or communication (hereinafter, the “User”), accepts not to use devices, software or any other means that tends to interfere with activities and / or operations of the Portal or in the databases and / or information contained in it.


The access or use of the Portal expresses the full and unreserved adherence of the User to these Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy. Through the Portal, the User will use and / or use various services and contents (hereinafter, the “Services and Contents”), made available to Users by KARUM, and / or by third-party Services and Content providers. KARUM will have the right to deny, restrict or condition the User’s access to the Portal, in whole or in part, at its sole discretion, as well as to modify the Services and the Content of the Portal at any time and without prior notification.

The User acknowledges that not all Services and Contents are available in all geographic areas and that some Services and Contents can only be used after hiring, activation or prior registration by the User and / or paying a commission, as indicated in the contracting conditions established in the respective documentation. KARUM does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the Portal and the Services and Contents, nor the usefulness of the Portal or the Services and Contents in relation to any specific activity, regardless of the means of access used by the User, including mobile telephony. KARUM will not be responsible for any damage or loss of any nature that may be caused due to the lack of availability or continuity of operation of the Portal and / or the Services and Contents.

The use of the Services and Contents of the Portal is the exclusive responsibility of the User, who in any case must use the Services under the functionalities allowed in the Portal and the authorized uses in these Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy, Therefore , the User is obliged to use them in such a way that do not violate the rules of use and coexistence on the Internet, the laws of the United Mexican States and the legislation in force in the country where the User is located when use them, good customs, the dignity of the person and the rights of third parties. The Portal is for the individual use of the User and, therefore, may not market the Services and Contents in any way.


The User does not have the right to place hyperlinks within the Portal, use the links of the Portal, nor the right to place or use the Services and Contents on their own sites or pages of third parties without prior written authorization from KARUM. In the same way, the User will not have the right to limit or prevent any other User from using the Portal.


The intellectual property rights regarding the Services and the Contents and the distinctive signs and domains of the Pages or the Portal, as well as the rights of use and exploitation, including their disclosure, publication, reproduction, distribution and transformation, are exclusive property of KARUM. The User does not acquire any intellectual property right for the simple use or access of the Services and Contents of the Portal and at no time such use will be considered as an authorization or license to use the Services and Contents for purposes other than those considered in These Terms and conditions of use and privacy and specific contracts.


The User agrees that the provisions set forth in subsection 2 above regarding the ownership of the rights of KARUM are also applicable to the rights of third parties regarding the Services and Contents of the Pages, domains or information presented or linked to the Portal.


Neither KARUM, nor its suppliers or business partners will be responsible for any damage or harm suffered by the User as a result of inaccuracies, inquiries, advice, typographical errors and changes or improvements made periodically to the Services and Contents. The recommendations and advice obtained through the Portal are of a general nature, so they should not be taken into account in the adoption of personal or professional decisions. For this, an appropriate professional should be consulted who can advise the User according to their specific needs.


The fact that information is offered on the Portal or in other linked or linked, does not imply the recommendation, guarantee, sponsorship or approval by KARUM regarding such information, goods and / or services. The availability of goods and / or services offered by third parties or linked or linked sites, is not the responsibility of KARUM. Given the foregoing, KARUM will not be liable to any authority of any nature, for any matter related to the sale, consumption, distribution, delivery, availability or provision  in regards to any of the goods and / or services offered by third parties or by linked or linked sites through the Portal.

Regarding the Services and Contents provided by third parties within or through links to the Site (such as links, banners and buttons), KARUM is limited exclusively, for the convenience of the User, to: (i) inform the User about them, and ( ii) to provide a means to contact the User with suppliers or vendors. The products and / or services that are marketed within the Portal and / or on the linked third-party sites are supplied by independent vendors to KARUM. There is no type of employment relationship, association or partnership between KARUM and said third parties. Any advice, statement, information and content of the pages of linked third parties or within the Portal represents the opinions and judgments of said third party, consequently, KARUM will not be liable for any damage or harm suffered by the User as a result of them.


KARUM undertakes to keep confidential the information it receives from the User that has such character in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, in the United Mexican States. KARUM assumes no obligation to keep confidential any other information that the User provides, either when registering on the Portal or at any later time, including the information that the User provides through newsletters, whiteboards or online chat ( chats); as well as the information that KARUM obtains through the Cookies described in subsection 8.


Through the use of the Portal, the User authorizes KARUM to use, publish, reproduce, disseminate, publicly communicate and transmit non-confidential or non-individual information, in accordance with the provisions of article 109 of the Federal Copyright Law and of section I, of article 76 bis of the Federal Consumer Protection Law.


The User who has access to the Portal agrees to receive files transmitted to them by the KARUM servers. “Cookie” means a data file that is stored on the hard disk of the User’s computer when the user has access to the Page. Such files may contain information such as the identification provided by the User or information to track the pages that the User has visited. A Cookie cannot read the data or information of the User’s hard disk or read the Cookies created by other sites or pages.


All information that KARUM collects from the User is treated with absolute confidentiality in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

For more information on the protection of your personal data go to the following link: https://www.karum.com/aviso-de-privacidad


At all times, the User is solely and ultimately responsible for keeping their access codes secret, with which they have access to certain Services and Contents of the Portal; as well as to the pages of third parties.


KARUM will have the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy at any time. Consequently, the User must carefully read the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy each time he intends to use the Portal. Certain Services and Contents offered to Users on and / or through the Portal are subject to their own particular conditions that replace, complete and / or modify the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy (hereinafter, the “Particular Conditions”). Consequently, the User must also carefully read the corresponding Particular Conditions before accessing any of the Services and Contents.

In accordance with the applicable legislation, certain services will require the installation of protection tools for the information requested, so that service will be denied if the required installation is not accepted.


For the interpretation, compliance and execution of these Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy, the User agrees that the Federal laws of the United Mexican States and competent courts of Mexico City will be applicable, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them due to their present or future addresses or for any other reason.



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